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Maine Forest and Logging

Who We Are

The Maine Forest and Logging Museum was founded in 1960 to preserve a part of Maine's forest-related history and share that with visitors in a living history format.  The museum has recreated a 1790s village with a water-powered sawmill at the center.  'Modern' machinery from the 1900s is in a section dedicated to technology that revolutionized woods work.  The only operating steam Lombard log hauler left runs at events and showcases the machine that was the first lag-treaded vehicle.

What We Do

Living History in a really beautiful setting!  Visitors to events and school children by the bus load love going down the dirt road and getting off grid where they discover what life was like in the old days--and just how hard some of it was.  

Volunteers do an impressive job of restoring machinery and buildings and putting on events.  School tours, guided tours, great events demonstrating all the sawmills and other equipment, running the gift shop, etc. are all done by volunteers.  The museum has a part-time director who needs help in the office and at events.  Projects on the 'to do' list need various job skills--carpentry, painting, bookkeeping, machining.  Year-round work is needed to offer programs to the public. 

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